sanctuary tangles


we spiral
in blue, bloom
and sea
-foam truth.

cocoon your drums
and demons, hook
-ah, your wings.

make inky stripes
your knowing.

wait for rain, roots,
eggshells to kimono
your soul.



Wordled for We Write Poems.


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9 Responses to sanctuary tangles

  1. Much sense of introspection here for me, especially in your close–really lovely!

  2. I love the unique spin you give things…always!!

    This is so intriguing to me:

    “wait for rain, roots,
    eggshells to kimono
    your soul.”

    The image conjured in that…wow…so very dimensional…the colors and textures really woo me.

  3. I keep going back to that wonderful opening. A poem to savor.

  4. First, I love kimono as a verb!
    “hook / ah your wings” love that line, along with the rest – “make inky stripes / your knowing.”
    I think this poem is about too much navel-gazing, or perhaps just self-righteousness. The “inky stripes” I interpret as accepting that there are gray areas. And then the end is telling one to wait for the basics to nourish you.
    And – I love the title! You are really good at those!

  5. I like, first of all, your placement of the words…they shine in the poem like a tight cluster of blue gems. Secondly, I’m doggone impressed at your usage of “kimono” as a verb.


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