Hidden Wings


She can feel the crunch
they hold beneath her, the
cover of limbs this earth
bequeathed her when
she fell. She’ll tell you
they’re old scars, star
-shaped kisses that don’t
seem to fade, but they’re
made of slightly more than
sky. Try them on for size,
you’ll find old bones
hollow with wanting,
the silent sorrow of things
not quite completely lost.





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4 Responses to Hidden Wings

  1. This one could be talking about an actual bird that got slightly injured.
    “sorrow of things / not quite completely lost” — powerful ending. And so it could also be read as the story of someone who has experienced pain, loss – that never really fades.
    And I suppose that is the test of a good poem – that it can be interpreted in more than one way! Nice job!

  2. I love the images you use here–slightly more than sky–beautifully said

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