S’more, or Less


Crunch through these old bones,
sacred stones stepping, and
find shelter in her fire.
Stay awhile, and you’ll see
her softer center,
rich, and deep.
Keep that glori
-ous dark sharp
and sweet on your tongue,
you’ll need it when the
hard days come; heart, breath,
rib, imprisoned by this solitary cage.


Written for Toads.


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2 Responses to S’more, or Less

  1. 🙂 I don’t particularly like s’mores. As I don’t particularly like graham crackers or marshmallows. Get me straight to the chocolate 🙂
    But I love this comparison – of seeing into this person and then being drawn in by the sweet core, but then imprisoned by the physicality and the future.

  2. Herotomost says:

    An analogy to die for and a super clever play on the challenge. I like the idea of using those moments to work pass the ones that are not quite what we wanted or expected. They do come, and if we can just remember the good times…it does make it that much sweeter. Great writing. Loved it.

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