On Staring Directly at the Sun

..photo copy

She’s let the light in before, stored
it in pockets and tiny boxes for a

rainy day. She’s swayed in its song,
along seashores and lakeside, be

-lieved in the magic of its arrivals
and departures. She’s busied her

-self with the remains of the day,
made much of the middle with noise

and fray and a fabulous cacophony
of chaos. She’s lost things in its ab

-sence, grown cold for mourning glow,
known it would rise again, but spilled

salt in the waiting. She’s standing now,
face to sky. Saved, bathed full in its grace.




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3 Responses to On Staring Directly at the Sun

  1. Sara v says:

    Remains of the day…big smiles for De and her magical words 🙂

  2. Okay, so it really is really bad to stare directly at the sun. Of course we all learned that as 3 year-olds, right? But when I was reading all about astrology it was emphasizing how important it was to never point your telescope right at the sun — they give directions on how you can do it safely, but it is definitely not for the amateur.
    Anyway….the poem! As usual, I love the way you slice the words and have us consider other meanings and levels. There really is something about worshipping the sun, something primal, a need we have. “saved, bathed full in its grace” – an apt description of how it feels.
    I love the way the poem reads aloud – the internal rhyme. I’ve lost things in my ab too 🙂
    And an excellent pairing with the photo!

  3. I’ll unwrap the rays from the tiny box and soak in these glowing words as my best birthday gift. Thank you. He said to me once after I swayed in that sunsong along seashore…
    “You’re always busy getting ready for something. Be busy getting ready for me to come back.” Shifted perspective for sure.
    I love you soul sunshine-y sister.

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