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Golden lashes,
gathered hem;
standing on
defiant stem.

Rising from
the garden floor,
petaled lion
gives spring
……….        roar.



Written for Toads.


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8 Responses to Gerbera

  1. This is as succinctly compelling as Blake’s poetry! Gorgeous, astounding, vibrant. I love the word play on ‘spring’ and the roar at the end.

  2. hedgewitch says:

    Really, what Kerry said. The words fall perfectly balanced, and the image is vivid and real, as well as carrying that feel of swelling spring life ready to explode and destroy the winter monochromes with color. Excellent stuff.

  3. The first stanza could be describing a bride! What a beautiful description – “petaled lion” – goes very well with the photo. Can’t wait for the daisies to really arrive!

  4. LOVE everything about this…I think this one you uttered in your sleep…you make this poetry thing look so easy, De!! ♥

  5. Grace says:

    Short and spunky, ROAR ~ Love it ~

  6. margaret says:

    Honestly, I smiled while reading this and said “Fantastic” out loud. You’ve painted a perfect image with your imaginative words.

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