Planting Dandelions

smallRoyalty free photo credit here.


Root me deep,
with growl of heaven
held low in throat,
-ing heart melded,
mending time.

Sow hope in hallowed
rows, shivering in sun
-light and burst
of why.

……….Plan ahead.
Pack accordingly.






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3 Responses to Planting Dandelions

  1. I saw a couple of dandelions today! I don’t mind them being planted in my yard at all!
    I like the juxtaposition of seeming opposites — shivering in sun; planting dandelions; growl of heaven.
    I read this as someone who thinks herself as a “dandelion” – Sort of telling others to let her be, leave me alone as I do what comes naturally to me (while time is mended). And “they” are sort of scared to leave her alone, to her own devices “shivering in the sunlight.”
    And then the final two lines …. because she feels herself going to seed as a dandelion does – in a million different directions. Sort of a sad one, to me! But very good!

  2. Write Girl says:

    Beautiful photo and I love the imagery in your verses. I enjoyed the uncertainty and wonder in the final lines.

  3. DELL CLOVER says:

    Excellent and beautiful.

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