Cellar Torch

a-ymca-cellar-in-flandersFrom the Library of Congress
: World War I

poster from a lithograph
, A YMCA Cellar in Flanders.


Dear John,

You are the Dead.

I am the Living, though my heart denies it.

You left me
alone in a field of poppies.

I leave you
these words from failing hands
that mark our place,
between the musty pages
of our favorite book.

They’re yours to keep.
I shall not sleep.



Written for Quickly, Day 2.
Reference poem: “In Flanders Fields,” by John McCrae




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8 Responses to Cellar Torch

  1. I love the portions that you brought of the original…especially the poppies…well done, De!

  2. shanyns says:

    Wow.. very nicely done.

  3. julespaige says:

    Packed with emotions in its’ brevity.
    Nicely done. Time for tissues!

  4. I like what you did and how you responded to the poem. Very creative. “I am the living” – though it’s not really living if you can’t sleep!
    And the title is great, as well.

  5. b_young says:

    Oh, very neatly done.

  6. derrick2 says:

    So very nice, thank you!

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