She hadn’t meant for her heart
to come along for the ride, sit be

-side her back here in coach,
as if they were strangers. She

thought the train would go slow
-er, and the lights would glow low

-er, hide the flush of her face and
the racing of her pulse just a little

while longer. Judas, Judas, Judas,
she groans with the clack of the

tracks, willing this noisy rebel beast
to get off at the next stop, or just stop

Written for Poetic Asides, PAD Day 2.

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3 Responses to StowAway

  1. pipitastuti says:

    HmMmmmmmm (˘O˘ƪ)
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  2. You capture the anxiety here well. Perhaps a guilty conscience?
    I like the -er line breaks as well as the bit about riding coach!

  3. Wow!! De. This is awesome…I love the rhythm matching that of the train…I waited all day to read this, so as not to color my PAD response that I was super late writing today despite my early start…any way…the day always gets away from poets!

    Excellent…love the repetition in the “Judas” part… SO works. 🙂

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