word work

boy, oh boy.

if I tick,
pitch 1 fit;
too hot for it
…………to hit 8.2?

too iffy.



Still following Margo Roby over to the Found Poetry Oulipost.
Today’s is a lipogram (a poem that avoids certain letters).
My words are pulled from the home page of the Las Vegas Sun, rendering the letters LASVEGUN unusable for the poem. Whew.



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5 Responses to word work

  1. You are MUCH braver than I, De!! Well done!!

  2. margo roby says:

    I find myself laughing a lot today. The lipograms are such fun to read!

  3. Oh, my – that’s harder than it sounds, I see! Like the way you used 1 to get around using the word! (as well as 8.2) That is definitely some word work!

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