The Definition of Sacrifice


Since 1858,
the below ave
………-rage in size,
continuous un
-broken length of slender-
leaved pasture on a amiable, gradual well
…….-defined natural elevation has prepared
and offered the last
dormant room
or space for 15
Boston members of the fire
department, who formed the last
fundamental forfeiture
of something highly valued,
who ceased
living in the
thin continuous mark
of moral obligation.


Still following Margo (click to go read hers – it’s awesome!) over to Oulipost.
Today’s is “Definitional Lit.”

The original sentence was:
“Since 1858, the small stretch of grass on a gentle hill has served as the final resting place for 15 Boston firefighters who made the ultimate sacrifice, who died in the line of duty.”

From an article about Forest Hills Cemetery, in Boston:



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4 Responses to The Definition of Sacrifice

  1. margo roby says:

    This is so cool. I reread a number of times to see how it really came from the prompt. The poem sounds so unprompted, never mind a proscriptive prompt!

  2. “who ceased / living in the / thin continuous mark / of moral obligation” : this sounds like a desirable state — unlike the original sentence 🙂 Very cool prompt!

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