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.. she found herself smack dab in the middle of Nowhere. since it suited her, ……..she stayed. since then, she knows a thing or two about losing faith and falling        ………(jumping, …………diving, ………….running) from grace.   .. Written for Quickly’s … Continue reading


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since you smiled

.. i have been dreaming in ocean blue and diving below the surface of myself for miles. i think i might have sung the sun, begun to understand the bidding of this breeze. i’ve squeezed the last quiet plopped drop … Continue reading

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Since (and Sensibility)

.. Since yesterday, she’s shed some salt. Since yesterday, she’s gained some fears. Since yesterday, she’s held her breath. Since yesterday, she’s bowed in prayer. Since yesterday, she’s gazed to sky. Since yesterday, she’s questioned why. Since yesterday, she’s brand … Continue reading

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‘ku for you

I’m a day behind already over at Quickly. Yesterday she bade us to break a habit, take a recent poem and tweak it in a way we don’t usually write. I messed around with the day before’s poem, and turned … Continue reading

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A Little Fibbin’ Fun (Here There Be Zombies)

Still following Margo over to Oulipost for some challenging found poetry fun this month, and today’s poem is a Fibonacci, one of my favorite forms. The catch: the words used in the poem are chosen by the Fibonacci sequence, in … Continue reading

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