Seaway Shells Sunset

Shed some symbol
-ic shelter, smoke stage,
subterranean suburban system
of strange, squared. Society strikes,
searches for survival of a
safer species – signed,
shown, sold,


Seems small,
but this spacious
story spans
the sky,

……..she said.



Still following Margo over to Oulipost.
Be sure to head over and read Margo’s today. So great!

Source article from the Las Vegas Sun. 


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4 Responses to Seaway Shells Sunset

  1. margo roby says:

    Love the italicised part. Requires rereading the whole. Always a nice experience!

  2. Lovely you even have meaning and imagry. S so fine 🙂

  3. How strange (that house). Though I know some people really think like that. “society strikes” – indeed. We’re all looking for that “symbolic shelter” though, no? You did a great job sticking with the “s” words and yet conveying so much.

  4. Dick Jones says:

    A neat mini-orgy of sibilants, this, de. It reads so well out loud.

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