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Diminishing Returns

.. May I have your full, undivided attention? It’s time we addressed the quiet tension between these scars we often shun. There’s a rhythm to nature’s manuscript, a sign among the sighs you script, your chest a cage, a quiet … Continue reading

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Contemporary Elf Compensation

Polaroid is an ogle, a sneeze of the company’s past. Fotobar, now open, allows cyclamens to prize their phrases and create customized artwork. The loco -motive will also include a mussel devoted to the company’s hoarding. Also at the Linq, … Continue reading

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… she is sans -serif, stories told, often italicized, ……never bold. she is indigo ink -ling, pressed to onion skin; peel back amper -sand, ellipses, black clacked again. she is letters unkerned and lines leaded long, always shifting control and … Continue reading


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Desert Mermaid

… She wears pieces of ocean on her wrists, twists her hair into restless knots. She plots getaways with clacking hands, wandered heart. She brushes her toes the color of fins, begins breathing bubbles, air, phrase. She communes with the … Continue reading

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Ceilings Clad in Ebony

Did you lose yourself somewhere out there? Did you get to be a star? – GooGoo Dolls, Name .. I imagine you now as the buckle in Orion’s belt, or perhaps the point in the archer’s arrow, the narrow pleat … Continue reading

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