Unseen Roots


They build songs of emerald
coastal snapshots
borrowed toothpicks
pine sap
lemon yellow
…….lozenge suns.

She says her aura
is the wrong color today,
doesn’t match her stockings;
pulls at her earlobes and
ponders the fat necessity
of marshmallow
clouds drifting loose like cotton dreams.

He’s a turtle,
dissecting all things

She’s hatching plans
like raw almonds,
unwrapping ripples
and the jagged shame of


Wordled for We Write Poems

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6 Responses to Unseen Roots

  1. Okay, I’m wondering what’s really going on here – what these unseen roots are? An abortion maybe – that perhaps she did secretly?
    I love the “cotton dreams” – “borrowed toothpicks” (yuck)
    “They build songs of emerald” is a wonderful opening.

  2. Irene says:

    You got me on the second stanza on. Love that turtle too. Wonderful weave.

  3. Kir Piccini says:

    can I have this? (Not really, but I want to print it and frame it or PIN IT and keep it)

    often when my aura doesn’t match my shoes or is the wrong color for the day, I know that I’ll feel the pull of these beautiful words.

    my favorite, for sure, (this week), my favorite. Thank you.

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