Ephemeral Cities


She conjures
castles and kingdoms
of salt, sand,
whatever she can get
her hands
on, names them
for ancient heroes,
far-off forgotten lands.

She dreams
……of stars,
arboreal cathedrals,
and other shapes that dare
…………..to scrape the sky.



Written for Poetic Asides, Day 12.

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6 Responses to Ephemeral Cities

  1. De, sorry, I have not been around. After gremlindeep came Riley’s losing a friend to an accident. This poem, especially the alliteration, warmed my heart. Your writing, even when it’s good and scrappy, always makes me feel good. To know you is to love you! Amy

  2. A would-be developer, eh? Or perhaps she is one in full force. I always wonder how they come up with the new street names for new subdivisions. (We live in an area that has gone through a lot of growth — well, at least right before the recession). Anyway, I always wonder what the inspiration is for the street names – of course the always sound so… well, not part of a cookie cutter development. But they are!
    Anyway, perhaps this poem is the answer to my wondering!
    Funny, I know exactly what ephemeral means, but this a.m. when I saw that as a title that word looked foreign to me. So weird when that happens. Makes me think I was Russian in a former life; or maybe Chinese? Ephemeral, in any event. Sorry to go on and on 🙂

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