An 80’s Girl Longs for Time Machine

Remember the Go-Go’s
and other pre-Madonnas?
Long before sweet Miss
Montana went all Miley on us?

Things went in more than One
Direction when there were some
good Men
At Work-ing, and don’t
we all wish we could un
-hear the word twerking?

Wendy Williams and Sharon
Osbourne always have
something to say, and
how many Kardashians
are there, anyway?

There are too many
channels, and
even the phrases are
foreign. C’mon now,
isn’t ‘reality TV’ an

The A-list is confusing, and
some names don’t ring a bell.
The others – are they actors
or directors? Really,
who can tell?
Maybe what they all really
want is a singing career.
(Can I get a Rebel Yell?)

I want my M-TV
back, the one that just played
some tunes.
Okay, Robert Downy, Jr.
still kind of makes me
but otherwise,
why can’t we just pop culture
…………like a balloon?



Written for Poetic Asides, Day 17.



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3 Responses to An 80’s Girl Longs for Time Machine

  1. Yes, I do…I could never hear that word again and be O.K.

    Funny…my pop culture piece wound up with Miley in it, too.

    I agree on M TV I used to love the Alice n’ Chains days…the Bobbi Brown and Millie Vanilli days…good ol’ Sinead…

    Your closing!! Brilliant, De!!

    You even got a rocking poem out of this challenge! I was stumped for a minute…not really my thing I guess. 😉

    Hope you all are well. ♥

  2. As a fellow 80’s girl, I can so relate to this. For the longest time I didn’t even know who the Kardashians were – and I still think I don’t and surely can’t figure out why they are famous! And Yes, reality tv is definitely an oxymoron. Even worse is Honey Boo Boo, which I just could not figure out the first time I saw it.
    But it makes me feel so old too – I mean don’t all parents think the next generation is just the worst yet. And yet me and my friends always say that things must be about to swing the other way because it can’t possible get any lower or worse. But I’m sure it will.
    “are they actors or directors” – made me laugh! So true!
    Last stanza is just perfect! 🙂

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