Dive Loss, A Post Pal


Neater safe root, ruse is:
dove loose, pose to plea.
(Was carted by love, all knot.)
Oath per no coo: if door keens, soot.

Hey, look! My name! Deaf, through claim –
nose fob. Salt rock, ship,
Net rim, rook,
ably say ma met our clue.

Hex goons. Bet dove, lee, sue.
Post peel one thou, Sir.
                ………….(Run, Ovid!)

Mint noise has no tea. Craved
by some, and stirs no caster.
Too wise from door
and 100,000 yours.


……….Whine no norms.


Followed Margo over to Oulipost for some Homoconsonantism fun. What is it? Click and see. 😉 Source article here.





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3 Responses to Dive Loss, A Post Pal

  1. whimsygizmo says:

    This reminds me so much of the Bad Lip Reading videos, it’s cracking me up.
    This one’s my favorite:

  2. margo roby says:

    Run, Ovid! favourite line. I’m pretty sure I can put together a hilarious cento with one line from each person’s.

  3. Mint noise has no tea! Having trouble following it, but it looks like fun!

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