(Hey baby, what’s your sign?)


She barely scrapes the cusp
of Whirlygiggle, but she’s full-fledged
Flibbertigibbet to the core. Count the
infernal vernal beats of her moon side,
and you’ll find she’s also got a tine or
two of Curmudgeon. Her celestial
Bumfuzzle phase was brief, but
significant to the solidity of her
Daisychain core. Her ecliptic
coordinates have JoyJouster
tendencies, but the third house
usually prevails.

Sage advice from Saturn’s center:
Buy her time,
not flowers.



I am seriously having so much fun with Quickly’s prompts. Won’t you join me?

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8 Responses to Equinoxiousness

  1. dianadomino says:

    ❤ I am delighted by this delicious interpretation. 🙂

  2. Quickly says:

    Not often you run across a Bumfuzzle. Knew some a while back. Bit confused, but nice enough otherwise.

  3. “daisychain core” 🙂
    Time is much better than flowers, I’d have to agree!
    And I love that word again – flibbertigibbet!

  4. Again…your closing always makes my day…love your sign poem, De!

  5. Hey, De! There’s an e.e. Cummings Challenge @ Real Toads today…a little bird told me you’d want in on this one!! xoxoxo

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