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.. I remember you in cinnamon and nutmeg, and frosted Santas with cinnamon eyes, Oh what a beautiful morning sung out of tune and with a whole beautiful heart. A dozen cousins clamoring for sweets, attention, pinched cheeks. Trips “Downtown” … Continue reading

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(a Sestina) . She’s a building set to fall, shrink-wrapped waters stalling, some sudden movement who’s outlived her charms, a blooming flash of bravado hook -ed on some half-built husk. Hook her spice to Fall leaves, keystone question her flash … Continue reading


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. Color her some -thing earthen, greenblack and waiting. Carve her of porcelain sky, edges curled to meet the sun. Calcify her truth; her heart a spotted, speckled stone.   .

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… . Ooooo. The sky is the color of my wedding dress, I breathe into your shoulder. I mean cornflower, of course, carefully chosen all those years ago to be most definitively ………….(definitely) ………………….NOT purple. Yes, you smile, say periwinkle … Continue reading

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