The Paints Are Having a Party

(Roy G. Biv, would you like to dance?)

Sorrel spilled first, then slate and smalt.
It really wasn’t badious’ fault

things got so citreous so fast
and brunneous and caesious.

Ivory fought to remain pure
and lavender was quite demure.

Even gamboge was a little shy;
umber, raw, just wondered why.

Then sapphire burned a congo line
and khaki blended in just fine

with tan and topaz, teal and tawny,
though turquoise looked a little scrawny.

The pumpkin was quite bittersweet
and bisque looked good enough to eat.

Amaranthine and aubergine
grabbed aqua, making quite a scene.

The cobalt was quite self-azured,
though the willowish wallflower could not be lured.

No one danced with mauve or puce,
but then good old chartreuse got loose.

The navy stood at royal attention
until aquamarine remembered to mention

they were on shore leave,
and could dance a blue streak.

Sable and saffron were all the rage,
but no one was as wise as sage.

Primrose was a wee bit smug
’til terracotta dancing bug.

Scarlet, she was one in a vermillion,
until the last revenge of Titian.

Periwinkle didn’t sleep a wink, right?
And ebony stayed up way past midnight.

Peacock pranced a lurid limbo –
you should have seen that Indi-go!

Coal went crimson when Olive got smashed.
Cerulean found her rhythm at last.

And then all of a sudden, after two,
the tints all turned a different hue.

With an ochre ohhhhh and a sepia sigh,
they pulled the shades and curled up to dye.


Written for Quickly, Day 20.

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4 Responses to The Paints Are Having a Party

  1. b_young says:


  2. 🙂 I never even knew there were all these colors (though if only I would read the crayon labels, I might learn something). What a blast!

  3. By the way, Happy Easter to you and yours!

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