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Strange Days

… These are strange days, and I am a stranger in my own skin. These are strange hours, ticked and tocked away like so many stars. These are strange moments, stunned into silence by broken will. This estranged now stands, … Continue reading

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Me, & You

.. You. You, with your hands open wide and your eyes shut tight. You, with your infinite capacity for rhetorical questions. You with your brokenness and your crooked smile. You, with your sad heart and your happy lies. . …………….Me, … Continue reading


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A Voice in the Village

. Before a silence opens up, all day and zero stand -still away, the taxi sits. Hovering on a beginning for a short, straight color -less wilderness, the endless run to a city un -played. A sparrow wasteland for dry … Continue reading

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.. Drawn and tired, we toss in our tarnished pieces of copper and listen for their impotent plop. ………………….Heads or tails, we whisper, knowing neither will do, for our heads are befuddled and be -draggled and our bodies feel like … Continue reading

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. Have you met her? She’s got feathers, and wings. She sings. She’s a good one to have around if you’re down, or drowning or frowning. She serves lemon -ade on the front porch, finds a lullaby inside every lull … Continue reading

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