I am weary of the long
-itudes and latitudes of this un
-quiet heart. I have taken her
car keys and her license and
removed all traces of travel
mags from the vicinity be
-cause apparently she
never learned to Never Eat
Shredded Wheat
(or Sour Watermelons,
or Soggy

She’s pretty much flying
by the seat of her un
-ventricled pants at this
point and her contents – which
may or may not have shifted
during travel – have finally
thrown in the hand towel
and simply flown the coop,
spilling out somewhere west
of Albuquerque.

I am hoping to keep her north
(that’s up)
of the Equator until
she has time to catch her ever
-lovin’ beatin’ breath. She’s
kind of squishy, so if you know
where I might purchase a water
-proof carry-on
bag, that matches my running
shoes, that would be somewhat
of a godsend.




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5 Responses to Coordinates

  1. Sara v says:

    De! I read this about three times and then I had to read it to my husband. We’re both wearing big smiles. Love this so much!! Un-ventricled-pants…brilliant. Every word is wonderful. Thank you for a most excellent start to my day 🙂

  2. Oh!! Wonderful — as always.
    De, you are the queen of enjamb-
    meant! 😉

  3. 🙂 carrion! This is a good one. Shredded wheat is funny as well!

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