Doppelgänger De


She’s been lurking about all morning,
making trouble. So far, she’s kicked
the cat and that
was just the beginning. She drank
all the coffee and ate three donuts
in no time flat and shrank
my favorite yoga pants. Any chance
you’ve seen her?

She’s a naughty imp
-ossible ocelot of bother, rather
rapscallion, really.
She’s wearing a frilly
hat and clunky close
-toed shoes, which I suppose
could make anyone a bit irascible.

She’s got her nose
out of joint and her panties in a bit
of a bunch. I have a hunch
she might be hiding under that um
-brella over there, because she’s
not too fond of rain.

I swear, I just saw her making toast,
snaking most of the last of the
blackberry jam. She’s definitely
on the lam,

but she shouldn’t be hard to find,
you see…

She might look a little bit
…………………… me.




Written for Quickly, Day 24.

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5 Responses to Doppelgänger De

  1. julespaige says:

    Fun. I think ‘your’ ‘me’ could be my twin. Though I don’t have a cat 🙂
    Cheers ~Jules

  2. Yes, fun. Fun is good.

  3. I have one of these, too. She’s undermining me at every corner.
    I think she was “sneaking” instead of “snaking” — unless, of course, she’s learned some trick I don’t know about with blackberry jam!

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