Tell it to the Person On Your Left

(Gossip 101)

Tell it to the person on your left
and perhaps she
(oh, have you heard?)
will use that sharp and glee
-ful tongue to spread it like
manure, pure and stinky, fresh
and hot off the press.

She’ll tell Jess and Gert and Glad
and Gay, and they’ll all
(each) tell three;
and wheeeeee it goes on down
the street like dirty laundry
blowing in the breeze.

Glad’s blabbed plenty, and
she’s actually got twenty
friends on speed dial for

Ignorance, bliss?
Nah! Knowledge is divine
and let me tell you this:
there’s fruit on this grapevine.

It’ll spread like wildfire,
just you wait and see.

you could whisper it quietly
to the person
on your right.
In that case,
your secret’s safe with me.



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6 Responses to Tell it to the Person On Your Left

  1. I’ve heard it said “If you can’t say something nice, then come sit by me.” Great little piece, this is.

  2. 🙂 So true, about gossip and they way it so so quickly spreads – esp. these days with the technology!

  3. LOVE it! Looks like we were on a similar same page with this assignment. LOL

  4. I hope you’re doing okay! I’m missing your poetry 😉

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