The Five Best Things We Ate


the six worst secrets you hide
the seven deadliest sins we tried
the eight longest lies you denied

the nine poorest innings they played
the ten heinous things I hate
the nine fake faces we imitate

the eight worn wars we fought
the seven brick hills we wrought
the six loose ends we forgot

the five delicious times you kissed
the four essential cues we missed
the three worthless whims I wished

……..The two last people who loved:
………the one lone reason I poemed.


Following Margo over to Oulipost for some Homosyntaxism fun.
Original article from The Village Voice: The Five Best Things We Ate


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3 Responses to The Five Best Things We Ate

  1. margo roby says:

    Oh how clever and what fun it must have been.

    • whimsygizmo says:

      Thank ya, ma’am. It was fun. The original line was “The Five Best Things We Ate Last Week” but whoooo boy did that “last week” give me fits in replacement parts. Had to cut it after trying just a few lines.

  2. Love that last line!

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