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The Last of It

.. Oh, but she’s worn clear down to the nub, eraser dust flying. She’s trying to make ends meet, knowing they’re frayed. She’s stayed between the lines long enough, crossed a few and back again, drawn some new ones in … Continue reading

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The Mermaid’s Comb

… Oh, we of split tails and unfinned centers may not understand the intricacies of the sea, but we know want. We’ve swirled your comb, and wished for things both shiny and unknown. We’ve brushed this surface with our tears, … Continue reading

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Iago’s Lament

.. Tattered, glorious Othello returns, long dark drive of the soul. Women are ornamental. We wade through slush and snow. This was filmed in fits and starts; it’s a ribbon of dream. Who’s battling whom? These complications calm. Desdemona is … Continue reading

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… She doesn’t realize she’s arrived at the very last scrap of herself until the two-thirds of her that’s liquid has simply spilled away, filled the gutters with an ocean, left a tiny dried crust of a tired smile. She … Continue reading

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(a shadorma) .. Matters not one hump or two, or the way the straws are drawn; when the last one takes its spill, the spit hits the fan.     .. Written for Poetic Asides, Day 25.  

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