Iago’s Lament


Tattered, glorious Othello returns,
long dark drive of the soul.
Women are ornamental.
We wade through slush and snow.

This was filmed in fits and starts;
it’s a ribbon of dream.
Who’s battling whom?
These complications calm.

Desdemona is a pitiable creature,
sinister black flags ripple in the wind.
How much can you take away?
She’s too wispy to hold.

He’s more vigorous when he’s listening, but
we’re never taken far beyond the hero’s windshield.



Following Margo over to Oulipost for today’s challenging, a “Larding” or “Braiding” of lines found in the newspaper. My three sources are from The Village Voice, here and here and here.



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5 Responses to Iago’s Lament

  1. margo roby says:

    I love your using a review as a source. It allows for a different story and tone. Hmmm. Fights strong urge to find reviews and start playing. I am waiting for someone to do today’s 😉

  2. This is well done. I love the last line. I never would have guessed how you came up with this one!
    “Women are ornamental” – ha.

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