(a Pantoum)

There was a spook in my bed last night,
though I can scarcely see him.
If I turn down the sheets just right,
maybe he’ll return to the mausoleum.

Though I can scarcely see him,
he’s got his eyes on me.
Maybe he’ll return to the mausoleum
if I just let him be.

He’s got his eyes on me
all piercing in the dark.
If I just let him be,
he might not eat my heart.

All piercing in the dark,
they’ve got a certain shine.
He might not eat my heart
if I just make him mine.

They’ve got a certain shine
and if I turn up the charm just right,
I might just make him mine –
that spook in my bed tonight.




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1 Response to Phantom

  1. This reminds me of my childhood bedroom. I was convinced these “eyes” on the wall were watching me – they were from the lights shining in the parking lots. But because they disappeared once my mom woke up & turned the lights on I was convinced they were real – and had the same feelings conveyed in this poem! Except I don’t think I ever had the confidence that I could charm him!

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