The Way We Die Now

They started with just coffee,
glamorous heyday not so far removed,
outfitted with a metal silhouette.

(It doesn’t have the same vulnerabilities yet.)

Motivate. Delegate. Run the machine.
We just wanted to have an adjunct.
Such a fantastical demolition,
as the great beast stomps Tokyo to bits.

(They’re not in the story because they don’t fit.)

An archetypal greasy spoon scrambling,
you could see such a stark line,
such a range in flavors splayed.
Brazenly dissident, we made new histories –
whose middle names are all Mystery.


Following Margo over to Oulipost, where today’s challenge is an Irrational Sonnet sourced from newspaper lines and divided according to the first five digits of the irrational number pi (stanzas of 3, 1, 4, 1 and 5 lines.) All phrases pulled from The Village Voice, articles here and here and here, and the title stolen from this one.



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5 Responses to The Way We Die Now

  1. margo roby says:

    I love putting the single lines in italics and brackets, an added commentary. Those lines change everything about the poem. Now, how do I share a comic with you? See where this takes you. You’ll know if it’s right:

  2. Oh, I hope there’s no mystery meat there!
    I love the “they’re not in the story b/c they don’t fit”!

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