Aforementioned consciousness:
contemporary butterflies, beginnings.
Immediate imagined stories.
Towers break,



Following Margo over to Oulipost for today’s challenge, a melting snowball (each word has one fewer letter than the one before it.) All words are from this article in The Village Voice (except the title…”pyrotechnic” appeared, and I took some creative license.)



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2 Responses to Pyrotechnicality

  1. margo roby says:

    Of course I counted each word ;-). I wondered whether it would occur to anyone that the words do not have to each be on their own line. Your story (?), truth (?), is interesting. Causes thinking. Dangerous, that.

  2. At first I was thinking it also was going to have to do something with the alphabet (a, a, c, c, b, b) Then there was ii! Still, ingenious that you did it and that it means something. “immediate imagined stories” – that’s drama.

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