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(a shadorma) .. I swear, he pulled things out of hats: fluffy rab -bits, tricks, and an abracadabra smile. I hung my heart there for awhile, until he sawed me clean in half. You laugh, but up his spellbinding sleeve, … Continue reading

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… Everything’s ending. This vast and tired space we’re standing on and the race we’re running and the faces we’re carrying into the wind – and that camel over there, who’s had one too many straws. The laws of physics … Continue reading

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We, Dependents and Prepositions

.. … We bite back. We invade the hoard. We say it in broken English: We (though still bitter) ……………interrupt ourselves. We (through guile or luck or the right contracts) have hatched an escape plan. We (aware of how implausible … Continue reading


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Sir: Realism

  Yes, Sir, reality’s a real twister – minds and guts, and houses reduced to rubble, cars wrapped right ’round trees like so much tin. If you’re not careful you can watch hope crash right down, too, grounded by lightning … Continue reading

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