Jovial (Je)June

Sturdy in its scorched
desert scent, she
announces herself
with lazy sunburned bees
and rustled trees that
can no longer draw

At best, she boasts
countless sun
-shine paving days,
raw fields of brown.

If the ter-
doesn’t change,
we shall chase
lean clouds,
launch our long
-waved will,
propel north,
and drink
our thirsty
fluid fill.



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7 Responses to Jovial (Je)June

  1. oldegg says:

    Nature is quite a pacifier.

  2. I feel for your with your lack of rain and this poem spells out so well how thirsty your terrain must be come June.
    I like the image of “lazy sunburned bees.” I like your title as well… the insinuation that she comes in perhaps misrepresenting herself and all that she will bring.
    I know that even around here it doesn’t take long for the fields to turn brown when we haven’t had rain. Water is indeed so important, as you have written about before on so many occasions!

  3. I feel for you out there in the Southwest, De. We have an embarrassment of riches here in Madison… for now. Drought will come soon enough… Your personification of June, the bees, the shine of sun… she’s a big fat liar!! Comes on all cheery, and (like Jurassic Park 3) “Then comes the running and the screaming…” Great wordle take, hon. Amy

  4. well written, well expressed

  5. jae rose says:

    I love those bumble bees too..I also love the treacly pace of this..or the honey pace..drifting at the speed required..sneakily jovial 😉

  6. “that
    can no longer draw” … I hate it when we can’t find our artistry anymore.

    “raw fields of brown” … This makes me hungry for a tan, my skin being a field of raw.

    “tear rain” is brilliant. Best line break ever.

    We really should “launch our long” into poems and art. The best pieces come from pain, sorrow, and longing.

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