Earthskin, Silent


Overlooking spring,
she clings to the obsolete
yellow and green of her own
violent heart. Start

something impossible, per
-haps. Throb your dry
voices up river and blind

bind men to your own reflect
-ion. Do your legs not sway?
Shall we say the postman
rings too many times, the
current swings left while
the young girl swims right.
We cannot win

-ter these things, hibernate
while the conclusion waits,
frozen and fallen. Here there be

………dragons, and demons
………and the inalienable swirl
…………………of summer snow.



Fabulous word list from my Shawna.

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3 Responses to Earthskin, Silent

  1. Shawna says:

    Love this line break:
    “We cannot win
    -ter these things”

    The ending is the very best:
    “frozen and fallen. Here there be
    ………dragons, and demons
    ………and the inalienable swirl
    …………………of summer snow.” … Oh, totally gasping and sighing over those last two lines. But I do love that you brought dragons into it.

    Back to the top … why do we do this: “she clings to the obsolete”

    And I like this wraparound line: “violent heart. Start” … You’re talking to your heart, telling it to start up again. I think maybe it’s so violent that it feels the need to shut off and just not be alive. But you’re still telling it to start back up again, even though it will probably be dangerous.

    It must be kind of scary when the earth’s skin is silent. Or maybe it’s less scary than noisy earthskin, since that might mean an earthquake or some other natural disaster. I guess this girl’s heart is as dangerous as a violent earth. Is she a sleeping volcano?

    Oh, love “throb your dry haps.” 🙂 Maybe that’s something like hips, and you’re telling her to do a bit of dancing! Maybe her moves have gone dry since she’s been sitting a few songs out.

    I also love the way you twisted me up with “blind” and “bind.” I wondered if you mixed them up accidentally, but now I just think “bind-men” are something like the guys in mental wards who wrap you up in a straightjacket. So yes, we definitely want to blind them so that they can’t find us!

    I also like “Do your legs not sway I [me] on?”

    “rings too many times, the
    current swings left while
    the young girl swims right.” … This part tells me that someone has been married several times, or just been proposed to. Or maybe the “postman” / boyfriend has proposed to too many women. Or maybe he’s just asked her to marry him too many times. Or just calls too much. But I get the sense that maybe he’s gone out with someone else on the side and she’s fed up and moving on, choosing the right path for once.

    I also see “here there be drag-ons,” like a divorce or break-up that’s too long coming and then takes forever to get over with. “Demons” could also mean “de-mans” like someone feels immasculated or the girl is now without a man. But there’s no confusion at the end: the whole world is flipped upside-down, topsy-turvy.

    Thanks so much for writing. Can’t wait for more. 🙂

  2. Ok, I just watched “Lone Survivor” last night – or I should say my husband watched it and I watched only the parts I could bear. This reminds me of that, if you change the “she” to a “he.” Starting the impossible. And this “blind bind men to your own reflect / ion(shun) Do your legs not sway?” — all that fear in there (as I read it).
    And then just the facing of the reality of the situation – the last 3 lines. Wow.

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