Just Like That

(And overwhelmingly hand
her fingers itch for a knock
-out bout of inky pow

Gnarly her noise;
the juke is stuck
on Caribbean Queen
and she has shared
this dream far too long.

Ask her
for her phone
number, and

Gratitude comes
in scandalous bum
-per stickers,
buttons, books. But
meet her in the café,
she’ll stay.

It’s like
taking candy from a baby.




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4 Responses to Just Like That

  1. whimsygizmo says:

    Fun word list from my Shawna.

  2. “knock-out bout of inky power” – I love that line!
    And the idea of the “juke” being stuck on Caribbean Queen 🙂
    I’m thinking her dream is just having someone to sit and listen to her. Isn’t that what we all want in the end, really?

  3. Shawna says:

    This time, I read: “knock-out bout of inky pow (her).” And “Gnarly her nose.” 🙂

    “Numb her hand” … squeeze it as tightly as you can so that she’ll know you’re staying, no matter what.

    “Butt-button books” is crackin’ me up.

    “It’s like she’ll stay.” But she won’t. It’s just that she’ll have you completely convinced, and then all of a sudden you’ll realize she’s gone. Even if she’s still physically there, her brain is checked out. And then, there’s the double-meaning of “just” in the title, as if however things work out, her actions are justified.

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