Tarot Dancing


Seduce me, you dark
creature of the night
this copper pen
-ny blood plague,
dreadful tongue praying
for water.

Kiss me, then lev
-itate my longing for
spilled letters, bright un

I know you must be
……going, but
we’ve only just be





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12 Responses to Tarot Dancing

  1. magicalmysticalteacher says:

    I love how you break words, leading us into the next line. It’s an art I’ve never mastered, and I admire your skill.

    Dancing and Praying

  2. This is very romantic!
    Or it’s about someone longing for a muse!
    With the “tarot” in the title, in any event, it’s about something mysterious and otherworldly, which is usually how it goes with really good writing. I was reading some quote someone was saying about someone who had given a great speech at some point and he was like — “I’d read his other writings and they were all second rate. But when he made that speech – that’s what made me believe he’d been “overtaken” by something” – his speech was so powerful and moving he knew something almost religious must be involved!
    Anyway, that’s what I see in this one – that desire to be “taken away.”

  3. Cathy says:

    Interesting poem because I’m wondering if the breaks are really you trying to say something else instead.

  4. oldegg says:

    While I have got used to the breaks the other talk about in your writing I find that if they are ignored and the piece read out aloud in a flowing way it feels and sounds very good indeed.

  5. jae rose says:

    How cleverly this both reads and looks.. – a real kerpow of a poem –

  6. annell4 says:

    I like what you did!

  7. I love this, De! It is clever, and humorous in a way.

  8. Shawna says:

    I have been drooling over that title in my inbox/reader but haven’t had time to enjoy it yet. Here goes!

    Holy cats. This is one of my favorite of yours to date. Share it when dverse has open-link night at the end of the month. It’s excellent and must reach a broader audience. Better yet, publish it!

    I don’t even see this as being about a man and woman, but rather about the dark side of your muse … the one that bids you write more sinister pieces. You’re looking for a binge on his/her magic.

    My faves are “sky-ply” (even “sky-play”), “copper pen,” “ply this copper pen nigh,” “ply this copper pen; nay blood-plague [me]” (don’t just enter my pen, enter my veins), “tongue-praying” (is this only a halfhearted prayer? is it the prayer of a snake … split tongue … love this phrase!) … obviously just very thirsty (for your muse), “kiss me then leave” (or don’t; maybe just stay and increase my craving for poems), “bright unknowing” (wow, that’s powerful … the smart becoming dumber or forgetting what’s been learned; or maybe this experience is “The Bright Unknowing,” which has a meditation vibe, like she’s hangin’ with a dark Buddha), that lone “gun” at the end (oh, the foreboding).

    Did I mention that I love this?!

    Oh, also the title is so enticing. Makes me think of belly dancing, but the dancers are cards (tarot, of course). And then there’s “To Rot, Dancing,” which is exactly how I plan to die. 😉

    • Shawna says:

      Did it ever occur to you that “wordled” equals “word-led”? I’m sure I’ve had that epiphany several times already, but it seems like the first time each time. 🙂

      • whimsygizmo says:

        Ha! YES. I actually just wrote that into one of the Words With Wings poetry lessons, that when a poem is wordled it is literally word-led. 😉

  9. Bastet says:

    Good one. I like the original way you wrote the poem with the breaks creating a syncopation – beautifully rhytmic.

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