photo copy 14It’s not a race,
this frenetic trace
of time over lines
and boxes and
cobbled days.

Praise the sun
for its pebbled
shine; curl the
moon around
your finger, a
golden stone.

Tone down the
bright and dapple
-dabble something
quiet, some calmer
trail of sway.

Stay. Be. Still
your heart with
laughter, light
the world on fire
with fragrant

Don’t bicker over
breeze; simply
to the trees.





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3 Responses to Pace

  1. Well I love this! A Tree is Nice is one of my favorite children’s books. Because, you know, trees are very nice. And, as you point out, we need to listen to them more often.
    I love the photo of the snail. Is that your photo? I rarely see snails out of their shells like that.
    Anyway, “it’s not a race” – again you are always full of wisdom. That is one we need to make a mantra of. It’s never, ever really a race.

  2. Shawna says:

    Dude, those line breaks are awesome!

    “curl the shine; moon around” … One of the best poetic phrasings ever! “Moon” as a verb slays me! 🙂

    Love “light laughter.” And the whole third stanza. Also, “simply breeze” and “simply listen,” which also turns into “listen simply” (something entirely different). Don’t read so much into everything, in other words. Sometimes we need to tell our “ears” to chill out and just take things for what they are, like the trees. The simplicity of just being and breathing and growing. This is beautiful and so wise.

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