Life can be a let down,
       (hair, dreams, all)
no matter how tall
your tower.

Don’t offer yourself
as a ladder
to any man
just because he calls,
until he’s braided his own
through your strands.

You’re made of more
than moon-dipped tresses
and flowing dresses,
golden stair falling

Don’t just wait
to be rescued; want
to be

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9 Responses to Rapunzel

  1. Love this new take on the old story. Every Rapunzel should read this.

  2. Justin Jackson says:

    One of my favs evs.

  3. If only every girl would heed this advice. “to be known” – That should be the goal, and is the greatest intimacy of all. (And not, you know, in the sense of becoming famous; but in the sense of someone actually and really knowing you and then still sticking around!)
    “Life can be a let down, girl / (hair, dreams, all)” – so very true and in so many unpredictable ways.

  4. Oooh, LOVE this, De! Can foresee a whole collection of poems along this faery tale line. ❤

  5. Shawna says:

    Such good advice from mother to daughter, or just from older to younger. Been there, done that sort of thing.

    Love the way you broke the ending, creating “want to be known,” meaning that if you never want anything, your guy will never know what you like. And also, if you never want for anything, he will also not know what you’re made of, what you can survive going without. Know what I mean?

  6. Sara v says:

    Love this!! Another gem to file in my favorite poems 🙂

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