Write something, Stupid.

Write something. Stoop Id.

Write something. Stew. Ped.

Write. Something’s too pid.

I’d write something, stoop.

Stew. Ped. Write something.

Things stew. P, I’d. Write some.

Write. Something’s stupid.

Right something, Stupid.



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5 Responses to Write something, Stupid.

  1. Oh, good grief, it’s simply the best, most-hilarious and stupidly brilliant poem ever!

  2. apple says:

    LOL … love it. 🙂 Especially the last line. And this: “Write. Something’s too pid.”

  3. Rite sum thang, Stu Pad!
    I like the first one “Write something. Stoop Id” the idea that you need to leave your id at the door before you begin to write. Just bring the ego!

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