Multiple Choice


Fill me in, answer
-bubble, paint
by number; ink my skin
with song and sadness.

Hold me close
-d. Let my wings open
on their own, lest they
crumble, break, and fall.

Forget it all (let’s)
and run away to some bright
bluer sky, some sacred why
that just makes sense.

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3 Responses to Multiple Choice

  1. apple says:

    “Hold me close-d” makes me think of a “closed” sign on a business door. 1) I think you’re closed off. 2) You’d like to be closed for business, but still be held. This is screaming “time out for me, please.” Of course, you’re working your name in there too when you hyphenate “-d.”

  2. Sigh….you close with perfection every. single. time. Beautiful, De. ♥

  3. “Fill me in, answer” – oh don’t you wish the answers would fill us in? Instead of us just guessing or thinking we know. True answers are so hard.
    I’m getting from this that the narrator is grappling with some huge problem and the answers are not easy. The whys of the situation don’t make sense at all. Why. That is the most compelling and yet sometimes useless question of all. Sometimes we just have to try and know why; and many times the why can’t be known – or we only get half of it. And it won’t do us good anyway; it, in any event, usually does not improve the situation.
    Or perhaps I’m just reading too much into this. In any event, it is superb!

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