Wild Sigh

Did I
ever tell you about
the light? The way
the truth shone
bright and strong
out over the blue?
The way
tamed my savage
song, but left the
low notes fierce
and strong and

I gulped up that
moon, Love. She’s
part of me now, the poured
glow between the slats
of this center cage, the
simmered sage and
cloud-smacked sky
of my very own scatter
-ed storm.

You should go now,
unchain the last of
these same small
bitter creatures,
let them fall.

I’ll start slow,
and pour the last
of my scalded salt.

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6 Responses to Wild Sigh

  1. Sara v says:

    You had me at gulped up that moon 🙂 An inspired write my talented friend!

  2. This to me speaks to me about the ability one has to create their own reality, despite their physical circumstances – the way prisoners can experience the divine.
    I love the last stanza. As well as the title… and well, the whole poem!

  3. This needs a “LOVE” button, De!! While it’s abstract it’s graceful and emotionally gripping…and I’m with Sara on the topic of the “moon.” Sigh.

  4. mood wings says:

    I agree with Hannah. LOVE. So very much love for this. How can I quote all my favorites? Let me count the ways. 😉

    1) wild sigh … a variation of wild ride, and just a downright amazing title
    2) “did I” on its own line for emphasis, to make the reader put the stress on the word “I”
    3) Did I ever tell you about the light? … Jesus
    4) “the way, the truth, and the light” embedded after #3
    5) “shone bright and strong out over the blue” … the holy spirit hovering over the water before creation
    6) “the way you” split up and indented for emphasis … It’s all about Him
    7) “The way you tamed my savage” … Wow.
    8) “tamed my savage, but left the song” … WOW WOW WOW
    9) “tamed my savage, but left thee”
    10) I also see “tamed my savage butt” in there 🙂
    11) “but left the low notes fierce” … Indeed.
    12) “but left the low notes fierce and strong and sure?” … taking this out of the poem, separating it from the question, I love what the question mark does just with this phrase … it’s like, I know I’m still fierce, but do I? There’s a hidden wavering spirit under there. Like sometimes you just can’t help but question yourself.
    12) “I gulped up that” … all of the stuff you just said in the lines that precede this one in the poem.
    13) “I gulped up that moon”
    14) “I gulped up that moon-love”
    15) “I gulped up that moon, Love” … I love when you write to both God and Justin at the same time. They work together for you. Their spirits are twisted up together in the way they work in your life.
    16) “She’s moon-love” … Now you’re sneaking in your Muse, perhaps. Or maybe a member of the sisterhood who nudges you along the way. A best friend, a mother, a sister. And the moon itself inspires you.
    17) “the poured part of me now”
    18) “the poured part of me — Now” … You’re learning how to fully be in the present instead of worrying yourself outside of right now.
    19) “the poured glow”
    20) “the poured glow between the slats”
    21) “glow between the slats”
    22) “center cage” … fantastic reworking of a common phrase
    23) “the simmered sage” … oh golly, I love this … picturing a “good witch” or a healer brewing a pot of wisdom
    24) the hypnotic rhyme of cage/sage
    25) “cloud-smacked sky”
    26) the fact that it turns red a couple of lines down (scatt-e-red”)
    27) the fact that my brain broke it this way: “cloud-smacked sky of my very own scat”
    28) “ed storm” … Always learn something from the rough times in life.
    29) “unchain the last off” … All systems go.
    30) I think you’re saying in that stanza that you get everything you need from God and you want to share that with the rest of the world. You’re like giving God permission to share His grace. And instead of letting them fall in a bad way, I think it’s letting them fall to their knees in worship, giving them a humble spirit. Like the one you’ve found.
    31) You’re going to do the same. But you’ll work slow, because after all, you’re only human.
    32) “scalded salt” has something to do with your healing process. Salt is such a great healer, but man does it sting. I thing you’re pouring it on yourself, pouring it out (as in getting rid of your bitterness, little by little), and also pouring it on others (helping them to find healing).
    33) I like the little messages, like “Did I sure?” and “you warm.”
    34) I also see “wild eyes” in the title. And “wild I’s” of course. “while de sigh” “will de sigh” … yes, yes she will 😉

    Love you.

    I would say there are 34 ways. But of course, I have two #12s, so it’s 35 actually. 😉

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