Crimson Blur, and Gray

My lashes and lips
are petals fringing my
heart-vase face.

Do you like
my jaunty flow
-er antennae hat?
Imagine that,
a window looking
out over all this
wispy nothing

Have you any
music? Oh,
let’s dance.


Prompted by Shawna‘s link to a cool visual piece.





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4 Responses to Crimson Blur, and Gray

  1. mood wings says:

    I was totally expecting “lashes and lips … fringing my hips” for some reason. I don’t know why; that wouldn’t make sense. Unless you’re so spicy that you’re staring at your own hips. Or maybe you’re looking in the mirror and your shapely figure.

    The title makes me think of football (Roll Tide), which starts Saturday. Yay! I was cheerleader in a previous life. But certainly not in this one. I rolled out WAY too clumsy this time. 😉 And no, I don’t believe in reincarnation. I’ve just had too much coffee and am all nutty. 😛

    Now I’ve read the whole poem, and seriously. This is absolutely spoken by the linemen to the opposing side right before the play begins. AWESOME. Plus, the “gray” in the title refers to the elephant, which is Alabama’s mascot. LOVE. Can’t wait to show my husband. 🙂

  2. Love your response to the photo!
    I love your jaunty flow!
    The petals fringing is a great hook.
    And I’m even less football-oriented than you, I’m very sure!

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