Granite Intrusion


It gives the illusion
of strength, of
solid rock g(r)asping
at azure sky.

It holds the secrets
of the clouds,
the proud bright shine
of standing.

To climb
is to admit
there just might be
something bigger than you.

To simply
and listen
is to know it’s true.


Prompted by Hannah’s awesome thoughts over at Toads.





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10 Responses to Granite Intrusion

  1. Oh, De…this is goosebump-good…you might be tired of hearing me say that…but it’s true!!

    The visual of the granite and azure contrasting and the secrets they hold from the clouds…YES…and the mountain does bring an acute awareness of just how small we are in many ways…listening…I can’t wait to listen to this mountain again. Sigh. Your poem causes me to be very inspired for this upcoming trip…a gift, thank you for writing today, De!

  2. mood wings says:

    What a great title. “solid rock gasping at azure sky” … Love.

    “the proud bright shine
    of standing” … I see Stephen King references (The Stand, The Shining). Maybe it’s going to turn into a horror flick by Part 2. 😉

  3. Ah, I like that third stanza. We all knew to be knocked down to size occasionally.

  4. Helen says:


  5. I love the spiritual sense here.. This reminds me of the sentiment of many mountaineers…

  6. Susan says:

    Perhaps to some it’s an intrusion, but to me it is a necessity. Often in recent decades, I am an armchair devotee.

  7. Jim says:

    Very nice, De. It reads nice for me. Yes, Mother Nature does hold a lot of secrets, the mountains do their share for sure. Makes one ‘just know’ that a God had to make this. Thank you,

  8. Kerry O'Connor says:

    How very beautifully expressed!

  9. “It gives the illusion / of strength” — I like that opening. A gift to us, but of something untrue, but designed to help us at the same time, to believe in the strength of the rock, when the truth is there is only one true source of strength.
    “the shine / of standing” love that too — the idea that any one just standing there has a shine, which the rock is a caretaker of.
    Also like the “g(r)asping” of the rock – it may appear to grasp, but just like us, it can’t help but gasp as well.
    “is to know it’s true” — yes, it is. Very true!

  10. I love this from beginning to ending…especially the last two stanzas..

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