Contact, High

There’s a man in the corner who says
I should
these trees have something to say; they
collaborate with clouds. He’s loud, but
I listen with care, anyway, because this
world is spinning too fast for my taste,
a haste that concerns me deep. I’ve
grown tired of counting sheep and losing
sleep over pilfered things. Let’s chat
about community, and laughter and
kindness. Let’s smash decades of time
into a state of contentment, sans strife.

This is the kind of compromising
that finally makes sense:
I serve him soup,
he gives me life.


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7 Responses to Contact, High

  1. jae rose says:

    What a fabulous exchange that seems to be…sometimes we need to stop and listen..maybe that is true contact with the world around us…sans strife would be nice too!

  2. Randy Mazie says:

    it is through the lost that we are sometimes found.
    a soupcon of wisdom
    nice piece,

  3. “a haste that concerns me deep” – how true. Community is the answer, indeed. But so is listening. And compromising. And “high contact.” Brilliant observations, as usual!

  4. oldegg says:

    There are many sensible answers but few to offer assistance.

  5. mood wings says:

    Excellent, layered opening:
    “There’s a man in the corner who says
    I should” (who says I should listen, but also just “who says I should” … now listen to what he says I should do)

    Love all the things the title could mean. I’m landing on this: the man in the corner, your “contact,” is high. Also, you’re telling him high, but you don’t know his name. So you’re just calling him “contact” for now.

    First I thought the man was Jesus. Then Satan, or some other negative influence in “the world.” But I suppose he’s a homeless man at a soup kitchen, which the Bible makes clear IS Jesus. Everyone we help or harm just might be Jesus in disguise.

    “Let’s smash decades of time
    into a state of contentment” … Yes please. The world has sure fallen apart in the last 30 years or so. I miss the ’50s, and I wasn’t even there. 😉

    I almost think there are two “he” characters here. One being a worldly voice in your head, the other being an actual man in need. Like, there’s a wrestling inside of you to deny the world so that you can simplify yourself and help one person in one moment, ignoring all the bustling around you (especially your own).

  6. LauraALord says:

    “I listen with care, anyway, because this
    world is spinning too fast for my taste,”

    Lovelovelove those lines.

  7. magicalmysticalteacher says:

    Soup for life is not a bad trade. I’d say you came out on top! 😉

    Whirling with Basho

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