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Suitcase Filled with Manuscripts

  … Hadley, on his first day in Milan, professed to hate his mother (rosy-cheeked, brown-eyed, red-haired, with a nurturing instinct). Under bombardment (chocolate and cigarettes), Ring Lardner, Jr. mirrored her energy and enthusiasm, a pattern of abandoning a wife … Continue reading

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….. Weary of the wood -en communication with trees, we prayed to en -counter a breeze that might chase our chaste in -tentions west. At best, we fled an angry subterranean queen, she who conspired to reach our disappearance (unseen); … Continue reading

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Desert Walk Discovery

  …… There’s a gecko smiling at you and he doesn’t care about your car insurance, Love. He just wants you to notice that the earth is full of be -autiful things.   …. Written to an awesome visual prompt … Continue reading

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Silly is as Silly Does

….. Let’s give a laugh and a half to someone who needs it; fart in the general direction of the fear that makes us wear -y. Got your googly eyes? Let’s surprise someone whose tears need dried, let’s prize laughter … Continue reading

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