Suitcase Filled with Manuscripts


on his first day in Milan,
professed to hate his mother
(rosy-cheeked, brown-eyed, red-haired,
with a nurturing instinct).

Under bombardment
(chocolate and cigarettes),
Ring Lardner, Jr.
mirrored her energy and enthusiasm,
a pattern of abandoning a wife
before she

Seven rungs:
(bedroom, home)
a need for re


Penned solely from Shawna’s cool word list.


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5 Responses to Suitcase Filled with Manuscripts

  1. Phil Canon says:

    Love the chocolate and cigarettes bombardment!

  2. Shawna says:

    You astonish me.

  3. Love the story you made out of the words here. Very creative. I love the way you split up the recuperation… it’s so stretched out one doubts he’ll ever really get it.

  4. mood wings says:

    That is just about the best title ever.

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