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The Doctrine of Disturbance

….   It’s med i -eval, really, the third real(m) of all this lack of silence lack of resilience lack of re: silence, lack of smile-ance, slice. Classic (sans scholastic) she is all too human (is tic) (is ticked) ………(is … Continue reading


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One Night: (She) Stand(s)

…. A fifth of scotch and a dutch date later, she’s ready to sound the alarm, hang it all and leave this mephitic louse to his own ivory-toothed smile. There’s a poltergeist in the corner, anyway, a static apparition of … Continue reading

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Paint Box

my travel sketching kit by Claudia Schoenfeld  …..   All those colors make her want to sketch, stretch her muse and etch her own skin in brighter hues. She gets that itch, but she’s stitched of finer-pointed things, thinner word-led … Continue reading

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straight down rain falling through a crooked morning

Straight Down Rain Falling … © Kelly Letky   …. she can’t tell any more whether the leaves are damp with dew or mist or tears. it’s been too many years since she’s been heard, or held. yes, she is … Continue reading

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So much

…. depends up -on how an on -ion’s cut; the skuttle of the skin down the sink, the brink of the veins a -gainst blade, board, all; the way the tears and layers fall.     …  

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to reduce a vow(el) to a neutral sound represented by schwa

…. it gets a little guttural toward the end, the last lost unfriending of our syllables. i do, do you? we can’t, won’t don’t art -iculate our meanings, breathe between the lines or accent one tiny uttered thought with a … Continue reading

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chalk dust and chamomile

{for my Shawna} …. let’s make some tea and see if we can chalk it all up to non -sense, un -fence these hopeful things. let’s sing and sign in cham -oh -mile time, walk an inch or two in … Continue reading

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Binary Stars

(and other duplicitous heavenly bodies) .. The moon’s a crescent scar tonight, and yet still too bright for eyes too tight for tears. You can keep your major and your minor, the un -spoken Braille code of all these sacred … Continue reading

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She Sells

…. something-or-other by the seashore. She’s got a shack, but prefers a sack and a long stroll. See that tangy lemon yellow sun? She’s simmer-sauntered under its shadow for too long, too strong for her own spilled salt. Yes, she … Continue reading

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