chalk dust and chamomile

{for my Shawna}

let’s make some tea
and see
if we
can chalk it all up
to non
-sense, un
-fence these hopeful
things. let’s sing and sign
in cham
time, walk an inch or two
in each other’s lack
of shoes
(toerings in

in fact, let’s jangle
anklet brace
-lets at the breeze,
seize the moment, screw the day
dance with cherries
between our tired teeth
and play with words
and whiles
and linger on the edge
of some sky-dipped star.

let’s fingerpaint
the world
(wide and wild and far)
all saffron
rosemary mint
lemon-yellow orange

and then take it all


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3 Responses to chalk dust and chamomile

  1. Shawna says:

    Grinning huge. Real comment to come later, post-headache. You are saving me today, you know?

  2. 🙂 So glad I get to enjoy all the fingerpaint!

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