One Night: (She) Stand(s)


A fifth of scotch
and a dutch date later,
she’s ready to sound the alarm,
hang it all and leave this mephitic
louse to his own ivory-toothed smile.

There’s a poltergeist
in the corner, anyway,
a static apparition of
a quieter spirit, less
inimical than her
Glenrothes single malt,

She talks her way
out of it, fear threshold
met by human skin, longing
for a filmy wraith shadow
on a broken barstool to be
-gin to heal her fractured

She’s grown
tired of senescent pickup lines
and hungry eyes. She walks.

Last call:
This vapor specter
in the corner
might be just her size.


Prompted by a cool word list over at mindlovemisery.

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5 Responses to One Night: (She) Stand(s)

  1. mood wings says:

    Absolutely flawless. Breathtaking. Superb writing, every word.

    • mood wings says:

      So good, what you did with the title. And also the Scot in the first line. 🙂 I love an accent!

      Really, girl. This is a phenomenal poem. Bookmark it as one of your best somewhere. Put it in the sidebar, perhaps.

  2. Well, now, there’s this whole vaping business lately that I know very little about, but it sure beats anything else she thinks she wants to do after a fifth! So glad she stands!

  3. I agree this is absolutely remarkable I absolutely love the way you have used the words

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