So much


depends up
-on how an on
-ion’s cut; the
skuttle of the
skin down the
sink, the brink
of the veins a
-gainst blade,
board, all; the
way the tears
and layers




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4 Responses to So much

  1. whimsygizmo says:

    Yep. I now have a category titled “onion poems.” You’d be surprised how many of these stinky suckers I write. 😉

  2. You and Sylvia!
    I like the first line “depends up” — an order at the nursing home!
    And the idea of cutting ions. Can they even be cut?
    Love your use of the word skuttle.
    And then the end is perfect!

  3. mood wings says:

    I can’t believe you used the word “skuttle” without saying “scuttlebutt.” 😉

    This is some serious layering. LOVE “so much deepens up” … definitely spiritual. Also, depends diapers. Like, no matter HOW bad things get, just pull those britches up and forge on. Love “how an ion’s cut.” “the brink sink” “bored all”


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