straight down rain falling through a crooked morning

il_570xN.499624773_i80sStraight Down Rain Falling …
© Kelly Letky



she can’t tell any
more whether the leaves
are damp with dew or mist
or tears. it’s been too many
years since she’s been
heard, or held. yes,
she is falling, too,
in various



Prompted by the amazing visual talents of Kelly Letky, over at Toads.
The amazing title is her gorgeous spill of words, also.







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4 Responses to straight down rain falling through a crooked morning

  1. margaret says:

    …wow. Well done.

  2. Grace says:

    What a lovely interpretation ~ The sadness is palpable ~

  3. I love the title as well. and the way the shape of your poem mimics the art. Or maybe it’s a question mark. Or a tear drop.

  4. mood wings says:

    “she can’t tell any” … It’s so unbearable when you’re carrying something heavy and you just can’t talk to anyone about it. This is beautiful. And so sad. Love the rain/tear drop shape. And all that emotion in so few words.

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